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If you believe your have suffered injuries due to Zofran, a nausea medication, you may have a case for Zofran birth defects compensation. At Knapp & Roberts in Arizona, our attorneys have over 20 years of experience in winning personal injury cases. Our prosecutors work hard to find, prove, and seek compensation for a variety of personal injury situations. We have the expertise to prove negligence and collect documentation on injury to get you the highest compensation possible.

When seeking compensation for a Zofran lawsuit in Arizona, many damages and expenses can be sought. Here are a few:

  • Medical bills are the first damage type sought in a personal injury case, and usually net the most compensation in Arizona. Any medical cost arising from injuries will fall into this category. Medical bills can include testing, treatment, hospital stays, home care, physical therapy, and more. These costs will include current and ongoing costs of treatment, so any future medical care may be covered.
  • Lost wages or income is another type of damage. Any work that was missed as a result of the injury or treatments related to the injury will need to be accounted for. Even if the client uses vacation or sick time for medical treatment, he or she should will still be awarded for the loss of that time in Arizona. If a catastrophic injury results in the client not being able to work for the rest of his or her life, compensation will be awarded based on what he or she would have earned throughout the course of their life. 
  • Pain and suffering compensation is usually determined by a formula which multiplies financial losses by a specific rate. This multiplier is determined by the ratio of medical treatments, length of recovery, and extent of injury. Usually, the multiplier is somewhere in the range of 1.5-5. An experienced attorney will help you increase the multiplier by finding ample evidence of pain and suffering. 
  • Emotional distress can usually only be proven by psychiatric records and diagnosis. Many personal injury victims, or family members of victims, suffer tremendous emotional distress and deserve to be compensated for treatment.
  • Wrongful death suits are brought by the family members of accident or injury victims who died because of a negligent act in Arizona. Spouses and parents are typically awarded compensation, although the laws vary in regards to the age of the child and whether or not the parent can seek compensation. Occasionally, other family members, like siblings and distant relatives, may receive compensation.
  • Loss of companionship is also brought on by a family member of the victim. If the victim was killed or their life was significantly altered in a way that results in a loss of physical or emotional relationship with the loved one, compensation may be awarded.
  • Punitive damages are rare but are awarded in Arizona cases where gross negligence or a deliberate harmful act has been determined. This compensation is awarded in addition to other damages and is meant to be a form of punishment against the defendant. For example, if a client is injured from falling scaffolding on a building site, and it is later determined there was already an order to fix the scaffolding with which the business owner did not comply, the client may have grounds for gross negligence and punitive damages.

Though this list covers the most commonly sought damages, there are additional factors within each damage type that need to be considered. Additionally, different types of damages sought require different kinds of proof. An experienced Arizona zofran lawsuit attorney will navigate through the evidence, medical bills, and other case work to get you the most compensation. For the compensation you deserve, contact Knapp & Roberts today for a free consultation.

For more information about the different birth defects in Arizona that have been linked to zofran, please refer to the following:

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