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Do You Have a Zofran Lawsuit Case in Arizona?

All personal injury cases, especially Arizona Zofran lawsuits, require extensive documentation and proof of fault or negligence. Additionally, personal injury cases necessitate proof of injury and evidence that it was not a pre-existing condition. Our job is to find and prove negligence and to thoroughly document injuries and medical care to prove legitimacy. So how do you know if you have a Arizona zofran lawsuit case?

What Is Negligence?

The most basic legal definition of negligence is when a responsible party fails to use reasonable care. For example, in a malpractice suit, a negligent nurse or doctor may fail to run necessary blood tests on a patient before treating them with a potentially dangerous medication. The negligent party is then held responsible for health problems resulting from their failure to follow procedures. Many pregnant women have fallen victims of negligence to Zofran, produced by GlaxoSmithKline. As a result, their newborn has suffered from a variety of defects including:

However, just because a negligent act is committed does not guarantee a personal injury case. In Arizona, an injury that was sustained as a result of this negligent act must also be proven. To do so, one must have documentation of medical care from a hospital or other medical care facility. But even with these records, the process of proving personal injury can be complex. For example, if someone in Arizona with a history of back problems is involved in an accident that results in further injury, he or she would have to prove how the new back injury is different from the chronic issue.

To further complicate matters, Arizona insurance companies are notorious for trying to disprove claims. They will often claim the injury is not the result of a negligent act, or that the client is exaggerating or fraudulently claiming an injury. This is why an experienced personal injury attorney is necessary. The professionals at Knapp & Roberts conduct extensive research to prove negligence and substantiate injury claims.

How Long Does an Arizona Zofran Lawsuit Case Take?

The time frame of a personal injury case depends on whether the parties go to trial or settle out of court. Cases that settle out of court take much less time than those that go to trial. The Zofran study in 2013 has brought a lot of attention to Zofran birth defects lawsuits, so many attorneys will be aggressive with their approach to get you the compensation you deserve.

Going through the court system can take years. On the other hand, cases that settle too quickly out of court often result in lower compensation. This further demonstrates the importance of finding an aggressive and competent attorney. To get the compensation you deserve in a short time frame, you will need an attorney who has the resources and time to make your case a priority. At Knapp & Roberts, we make sure all of our clients get ample compensation and don’t have to wait years for it.

What Can I Expect for Compensation?

This question cannot be answered before a case is settled, as there are many factors that determine compensation. An Arizona Zofran lawsuit attorney in our office will fight tirelessly to get you the most money possible, but compensation usually depends on the following:

  • Amount of damage to property (if applicable).
  • Amount of one-time and/or ongoing medical expenses.
  • When medical attention was sought.
  • If health care providers agree that injuries are a result of the accident.
  • If medical issues were resolved or are ongoing.
  • If injuries change other aspects of your life.
  • If you suffer from lost wages as a result of the injury, and if so, how much.
  • If any other expenses in relation to the injury were incurred (i.e., increased premiums, rental cars, or deductibles).
  • How much was covered by insurance.

A Zofran birth defects attorney in Arizona can measure all factors within your case and give you a rough estimate of how much compensation you can expect.

If you believe you have an Arizona Zofran lawsuit case, contact the law offices of Knapp & Roberts immediately. Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience in lawsuits ranging in size and scope. We have brought many successful cases against hospitals, state agencies, large corporations, and more. Our attorneys fight tirelessly to get you compensation, and our clients are always treated with personal regard in a time sensitive manner.

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